There is a reason why I enjoy  being out in the field at a show or a fest, because a story more often then not follows from trekking out into an environment where different walks of life congregate together for the sake of a music. When Flosstradaums decided to show the world what happends when you ‘Run The Trap’ too hard, I encountered a young gentleman who seemed a bit lost amongst the crowd. After introductions, Owen professed that he was a producer who knew The Dankles name and my response was to send any work he’s completed our way. This random meeting lead to having a track featured on our site last month and now we have the pleasure of delivering his banger Look Down EP for your audible pleasure. Using new levels of the trap on 3 unique tracks is all it took for us to be down with what this up and comer has to offer. With fall just around the corner, we expect Owen Bones to make some waves so long as he keeps delivering this kind of work! Enjoy mes Amis.

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