Little People is a London-based producer who, with an admirable refusal to change his sound even in the midst of this EDM explosion, creates downtempo beats rooted in the sampling of others in the way that only London-based artists seem capable of. His 2006 debut album, Mickey Mouse Operation, was an experimentation in mood and evolution, but it was the free Unreleased Bits & Pieces EP pt 1, which he says was made around the same time as MMO, that really caught our attention. The joints were groovier, longer, and stood alone a little better; less of a flowing body of work and more a distinctive, jazzy collection of tracks. Well, just a few days ago, Little People, or Laurent Clerc, treated us to the 2nd volume of Unreleased Bits & Pieces.

Continuing where Pt 1 left off, the latest installment concentrates on his eclectic samples– some spoken word, others entire choruses. In his accompanying description, Clerc admits, “Another reason why these tracks hadn’t previously seen a proper release is that they are chock full of uncleared samples and although I’ve now moved on to creating most the source material for my music myself, I thought one last hurrah with my sampler was a fun thing to do.”

Listen to the EP below, and download it for free on his Facebook. (Word to the wise: check out “Start Shootin'”, or Little People’s Americana remix, where he beautifully pays tribute to Neil Young.)

 Download Little People”s Unreleased Bits & Pieces pt2 EP for free on Facebook 


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