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Kurd Maverick

I stumbled upon German producer, Kurd Maverick, when one of my favorite producers included his “Hell Yeah” track in his latest mix.  The first time listening to it I was immediately on a mission to find out who this genius was behind this track that I became obsessed with.  It reminds me of old school production, the kind of house music that I used to listen to that enters your body through your eardrums and the bass waves ricochet from head to toes uncontrollably.  It’s almost impossible not to push repeat on this crazy track, and I personally would love to see this German gem rock a big room on our side of the pond as I can only imagine waves of neon clad fans bouncing like waves.

Listen : Hell Yeah – Kurd Maverick

Listen : Happy Days (Original Mix) – Kurd Maverick

Kurd Maverick on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

DJ Carnage

The collab king, if  you will, better known as Carnage, is someone to pay attention to.  A multi-talented artist, the MD native has the formula to skyrocket to success in a short time.  After working with the likes of Waka Flocka, Chris Brown, A$AP Rocky and a slew of other artist, DJ Carnage produces and also is known to spit some fire verses himself.  As he’s just stepped off a tour with the one and only Borgore, Carnage is releasing a bunch of new stuff, my favorite at the moment would be this “El Teke Teke” trap track.  Not only does it have that irresistible trap lure that everyone craves, but it also introduces some world/kuduro/cumbia elements that my inner latina cannot ignore.  Check his tunes out, as I’m 100% positive that this is only the beginning for Carnage.

Listen/Download : El Teke Teke (Trap Edit) – DJ Carnage

Listen : Bullshit (Cold Hearted Pt. 2) ft. Chris P. & Kill Paris – DJ Carnage

DJ Carnage on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


Really, it is impossible to negate the fact that there is an element in a lot of European’s blood for electronic music culture.  Almost the entire continent is submersed, as soon as the sun lowers its position in the sky, in the culture of electronic music.  Having lived on the old continent for half a decade, its no lie when I say electro sound can be heard daily on the street, from bars, stores, restaurants, etc. in almost any given European city on any given day.  With such a scene, it is hard for producers to distinguish themselves and set themselves apart from the rest.  Yet alas, Bambounou is one that has jumped to the front of the pack, in my eyes.  Parisian producer Bambounou has a hypnotizing production style that he calls “Afro Techno”.  Whatever that is supposed to mean, I’m not sure, but the techno bangers with almost flawless synths and basses compressed to blow your socks off, this new to the scene producer is worth researching.  It’s always amazing to find someone who intrigues you, and watch them develop, and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for the youngest Bambounou, and vice versa.

Listen : Night – Bambounou

Listen : Chaos in the CBD “Trying To Get a Dub” – French Fries & Bambounou Edit

Bambounou on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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