Well shit, definitely starting the week with a bang! I rolled over this morning to Funtcase announcing that his newest EP was finally up for grabs. So soon after swooping it I’m bringing it you guys so can a feel for the HEAT Funtcase has packed into this new 4 song release. As always Funtcase comes through with the raunchiest bass that is nothing short of possibly making you shit yourself. Slipped in between blarring lasers we even get some thumping sub bass that is sure to get your stomach bubbling on top of rattling machine gun bass; Funtcase was definitely going for the kill shot with this release. Check the tracks below and if you really dig um then hop on over to iTunes to show Funtcase and Circus Records some love for the ‘Doomed EP’.

Get the ENTIRE EP here

Listen: Dem Mans – Funtcase

Listen: Doomed – Funtcase vs Genetix

Listen: IN! ft. Persist – Funtcase

Listen: Invaderz ft Jakes – Funtcase


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