The Swedish electro house duo Dada Life have something of a cult following, as their cheerful yet raunchy behavior and complex yet captivating music are hard to avoid in the mega-culture that is EDM. But as they leave us with their auditory treasures, it gives us the opportunity to transform and reintroduce those same sounds and feelings into something… more, something… stronger, something… grimey. The Boston-based duo Dice Motion, consisting of Aerojet and Moduloktopus are an extremely talented collaborative that took whatever innocence and jolliness the yodeling audio-engineer duo laid into their newest classic “Feed The Dada” and gave it a Twix, as it needed to take a moment while their heavy and punctual bass cannons came into play. See for yourself and check out this new remix; these guys are on some next level ish!

Listen : Feed The Dada (Dice Motion Remix) – Dada Life

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