The highly anticipated release of “Selekta” is finally here in its entirety and we couldn’t be more excited about it.  After hearing snippets of the booty poppin’ original version brought to us by Miami’s own Craze of Slow Roast Records for months, we finally receive today the entire pack; packed with remixes by some of our favorites including JWLS, LeDoom & ETC!ETC!, and Jay Fay.  The moombahtonist vibe is undeniable as this particular group of producers use moombahton as their medium as other artist may use “watercolors or clay”.  Yet this EP goes far beyond our conventional understanding of the moombahton dutch-house/reggaeton as we know it and defines new borders of this unstoppable force.  The different remixes are unique in their own right; exploring different sounds that define each producer who worked on the track.  As an entire entity, the Selekta EP has been and will be a force to be reckoned with for a long time to come, especially on a live level, sure to be showcased by the biggest names in the game.  Download the entire version HERE, and do your homework, we promise it’ll be brought to your eardrums within the next few weeks at almost any set that you attend.  Try not to let your booty pop to any of these versions; original or remix, and I most likely will not believe you, as this is involuntary twerkin’ material.

Purchase the entire EP via Beatport HERE

Listen: Selekta EP (Preview) – Craze

Craze on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Listen: Selekta (ETC!ETC! & LeDoom Remix) – Craze

ETC!ETC! on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud
LeDoom on : Facebook | TwitterSoundCloud

Listen: Selekta (Valentino Khan Remix) – Craze

Valentino Khan on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Listen : Selekta (JWLS Remix Sample) – Craze

JWLS on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Listen : Selekta (Jay Fay Remix) – Craze

Jay Fay on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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