TD: Plain and simple to start things rolling, can you tell us a little about yourself (Name, age, where you’re from, etc) to familiarize the unknowing viewers out there?

Sines: My name is Leroy Bella and I’m 33 yrs old. I was born in Southern Texas, a town called Brownsville and moved to Houston when I was 5 yrs old and have resided here ever since.

TD: How long have you been producing? Were you looking to make it a full time thing when you started?
Sines: I’ve been producing for 6 yrs and djing for 10. When I first started I just picked it up as a hobby but as I started to gain notoriety I decided to take it full on.

TD: Who are a few artists whose music urges you to keep doing what you’re doin?
Sines: Sinjin Hawke, oOoOO, Dj Screw (RIP)

TD: If you could get together with one (or a few) artist to sit down and work out a track; who might that be? 
Sines: I would say oOoOO from Tri Angle Records. I dig his work completely. He fits every aspect of music,genre into his tunes.

TD: You slow and throw all kinds of tunes, everything from Boys II Men to T.I.,  is there one in particular type of tune that you really enjoy crafting?
Sines: Anything with female vocals. I love how the slowing down of the music makes their voices sound.

TD: Seeing that you’re from Texas, how is the kind of music you make accepted by crowds up there, seen as chopped and screwed music came from down around there?
Sines: People love it but you always have those haters. Just keeps me thriving to succeed more.

TD: Would you wanna tell us a bit about your label ‘Freshmore’? It seems like you guys have been making moves in 2012.
Sines: Freshmore has been a blessing this year. We have had alot of of press for our 1st 4 E.Ps of the 2012 yr. Our next E.P drops Sept 10th by this producer Figgy who resides in Brooklyn. Then we will have releases from Doctor Jeep of Boston, Manikan of Atlanta and Copout of Philly and many more as the yr rounds out. Lots of fresh shit coming thru trust!

TD: Along with taking the time to chat with us you have also worked up a mix to feature, any words on that for us?
Sines: Yea man I went a whole different route and brought you fellas something different. This has been the the yr of trap so lets say I took it back to the hood and brought you an all Grime mix. With loads of new, old, and unheard bits. Hope yall dig!

TD: On a different note, what could we find you occupying time with when you aren’t cruising through space in the studio?
Sines: I spend alot of time with my daughter. She is the most important part of my life and mainly were all my energy comes from to making my music.

TD: Any last words for the people on the other side of the computer screen out there? Yea dont sleep on us and check out the website for fresh and new freebies on the daily!

Exclusive Mix:

Last time you were in the studio?
S: Today even though I’m sick as a dog.

Last time you were at the zoo? 
S: Probably about a yr ago.

Last time you attended a show you didn’t play at
S: Last Thursday saw Sinjin Hawke play in Austin.

Last time in an exotic country?
S: Never been out of the the USA

Last CD/vinyl you bought?
S: Last vinyl I bought had to have been in 2006 one of the DMZ’s

Last track you listened to?
S: Clicks &Whistles-Hundred Mil

Last moment you were scared?
S: I dont get scared too often so its been yrs.

Last Movie you watched?
S: Total Recall remake. The 1st one was way better.

Also you can catch Sines live on his Summer Tour:

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