Holy shit has August been a busy month. Between relocating to new houses, classes starting up again, the 2012 London Olympics, Shark Week, and it was even the month that Sub.Mission (Denver’s local bass collective) hosted their annual Bass Invasion! As if that wasn’t enough already we have also brought you a slew of interviews, contests, and tunes to stack on top of the mound! Thankfully Sub.Mission invited us down to cover ‘Bass Invasion’ this year and my god am I glad a few of us were able to make the trip both nights. Now I get it, Bass Invasion went down from August 10th – 12th but with everything else on our plate we’re just now getting to fill everyone in on the utter bass fueled mayhem that shook the foundation of Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom all weekend long.


Night One: TrolleySnatcha, Truth, Shiftee, Sinjin Hawk, and more

Getting down to Denver the Friday night turned out to be a hassle and a half. Yet once we finally got down to Cervante’s the glowing marque looming ahead as we parked drew us in like moths. Diving into the darkened ballroom we strode right into Shiftee’s set right off the bat. Shiftee hails from NYC and brought us a ton of some bangin’ grimy tracks that I myself wasn’t even all too familiar with, but he was definitely taking control of the slowly swelling crowd beneath him. Wandering from Shiftee to the Other Side we got the chance to see one of my favorite Sub.Mission residents, Coult 45, drop some filthy old school dub that had the air thick with smoke and everyone getting down his entire set. After Coult 45 finished his set we bounced back and forth between the main room for a while biding some time until Trolley Snatcha and Sinjin came on later.

In those few hours we were gifted with a absolutely bonkers and unexpected DJ battle between Colorado’s own Project Aspect//Unlimited Gravity & Subliminal//Caustic (correct me if we’re wrong) that made shit hit the fan on the Other Side. Whilst Project Aspect//Unlimited Gravity & Subliminal//Caustic were causing mayhem next door, New Zealand’s dub heavyweights the Truth were making the floor in the main ballroom shake with sub bass. They were another group of producers I was fairly unfamiliar with coming into the night but they killed their set and in due time turned the tables over to Trolley Snatcha to finish the night off! While the UK’s bass masta Trolley Snatcha crushed ear drums and had people slapping the floor they were getting down so damn hard! To carry along the note of people losing their shit, we took a peek in on Sinjin Hawke’s set going on on the Other Side to been met by absolute trap mayhem! It was a first for me to catch a set from both Sinjin Hawke and Trolley Snatcha that night so I couldn’t have pictured a better closing to the first night of this years ‘Bass Invasion’.


Night Two: Truth, DBridge, Om Unit, RL Grime, Supreme

If I thought getting to Cervante’s was a hassle the night before I was sorely mistaken because Saturday we didn’t find ourselves in Denver until much later in the evening. Going into the night. Unfortunately our late arrival caused use to miss a chunk of the night which I am guessing resulted us in missing the electronic bass ambiance we are sure both OmUnit and D Bridge brought packed into their sets earlier that night. Another thing we were let in on when we showed up to grab our tickets was that the Truth would be getting brought back AGAIN for another set later in the night. I’m not sure if this wound up being a result of Skeptiks not showing (or us missing his set if it was earlier) but I was definitely stoked to get another set from the Truth while they were in the states.

Though we missed a few sets the second night of the weekend we were able to catch a good chunk of San Francisco’s demon conjuring bass producer Supreme decimate the Other Side. Dropping all kinds of heat on a crowd that was definitely more lively than last night, during Supreme’s set the crowd was even giving the main room a run for it’s money (size wise). The bass rupturing from the stacks was absolutely one of the loudest sets I have witnessed on the Other Side and we look forward to Supreme coming back on up to the mile high again soon. Around midnight Supreme turned the decks over to NYC’s WeDidIt member RL Grime to close out the Other Side for the weekend. Grime took the stage as much more regular looking white dude than I would have imagined but dear lord did he bring some trap heaters to get the night nice and weird for the Truth to take over in the main room after. Grime’s hour long set blew by and before we knew it he was packing it up and thanking us for a great show. A few people even made their way around the stage to where he was chatting with fans before leaving for good, thus leaving all the attention on the Truth’s final set for the evening. Yet again these two took complete control of the crowd and looked as if they were having nothing short of a blast up their in the camouflaged dome on the main stage. To close this out I’d like to say a final thank to Sub.Mission for inviting us down to ‘Bass Invasion’, Cervante’s Masterpiece Ballroom for hosting the event, and to all the artists that took the time to get on down to Denver for a weekend of gut busting bass music!

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