Two years ago at the exact same venue, I had the chance to experience Datsik’s bass power.  That night I had the time of my life and it was honestly one of the best bass music shows I’ve seen, but Datsik’s recent return to Denver has done more than top that experience.  Our decision to head to Datsik was a last minute one but I am incredibly happy that we choose to do so.

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We arrive at my favorite Denver venue, The Ogden Theater just in time to catch the end of Dodger’s set.  Per usual, the Denver local showed us how it’s done in the city of bass.  He tossed in everything you could have wanted to hear from the opener to get the crowd warmed up.  Tunes from the man himself and collabs from Ishe and Dirt Monkey were on point for the night.  After a few more strong drinks we secured our place along the railing to watch Bare Noize take the stage.

Bare Noize appeared and was greeted by a unanimous round of applause.  The crowd had obviously been waiting to see Bare Noize for quite some time, and yes we were looking forward to seeing the London duo, but it turned out only one of the two could make this stop of the tour.  Bare Noize proceeded to slay the Ogden with bass and nonstop energy.  Bare Noize tossed in UK dubs and great originals from the past few years and overall had a great set…but up next…was DATSIK.

Datsik appeared before a crowd in disbelief because they had just witnessed Datsik’s new lighting and visual set up…THE VORTEX.  Let me tell you, the Vortex is dope, simply, clean and looks sweet.  Datsik greeted Denver and once again reinforced that we are the city with the most bass, and then Datsik proceeded to destroy the Ogden like I’ve never seen before…  Now I’ve been to a number of shows in my life, and I’ve never heard a sound system this heavy before.  I know Excision’s got one hell of a sound system too, but I didn’t get to experience that.  But let me tell you, Datsik crushed the crowd with chest-rattling, nose-tickling bass.  Troy dropped “Swagga“, “X-Rated“, “Fully Blown” and so many more great tunes!  The whole night was a great experience and I was able to see one of my favorites in dubstep once again thanks to  Sub.Mission!  If you don’t know about them, it’s about time you learned.  Visit their website and get immersed in bass culture!

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