The moombahton masterminds of NYC have dropped a free release on us yesterday as a token of appreciation to their loyal and dedicated fans.  To be honest, its the fans who are blessed with this 5 track EP, as this massive drop with lots of collabs could have raked in some serious dough for the duo.  Sazon Booya sticks true to their moombahton roots and signature ear-bleeding bass and rhythm that’s capable of breaking headboards (if you know what I mean) but also feature different style lyrics from various artists including Otis Clapp, Valerie Valentine and more.  The EP is a prime example of the unparalleled amount of talent that New York City contributes to the EDM scene, whether it be production, MCing, singing, etc.  Personally, my favorite track off the EP is “She’s the Bass Drum” with ETC!ETC! and Jay Jacob.  The production quality is crystal clear, especially if you listen on a massive system, the lazer-esque synths are impossible not shake your ass to, yet also is proof that moombahton is completely the opposite of a “dying genre” as some might say.  In fact, if anything, the Impacto EP is just evidence that moombahton is still on the rise and this time around, being redefined by our favorite New York City duos.

Listen / Download : Impacto EP – Sazon Booya

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