Mkaio’s concept for the record was that “deep in the mountains of Hawai’i, buried under pine needles and brush, a cracked and worn cassette tape was found.  The cover and tape were handmade, the design and packaging, faded and aged.  The tape itself appeared to be a recording of a vinyl double-album, its contents using elements of past musical archetypes, and while the sound is dated, it seems strangely prescient – the work of an artist enveloping himself in the past while breathing in the present.  This tape has been crafted into ‘A Far Off Horizon.’  The record incorporates elements of pop, electronic, shoegaze, chillwave, drone, ambient and minimalist music as well as field recordings and experimental sounds.”

The record, released June 2012, is dedicated to Mkaio’s best friend, Jennifer Perkins, who he lost to an aggressive and rare form of Neuroendocrine cancer in June 2010.  Always his biggest supporter, Jen was the motivator in molding this record.  The final three tracks on the album compose the Suite for Jen, a tribute to an amazing soul.  They contain the first music Mkaio began writing for this record and are the heart of the album.  “A Far Off Horizon” chronicles death, a new life as Mkaio left Mormonism and came out of the closet, a fresh beginning as a secular humanist and a new love, old heartbreak and everything in-between during the three years it took to craft the record.

You can feel the emotion that Mkaio put into this record, each of the 16 tracks here convey a new and exciting feeling that it hard to come by in an age of effortless production.  Mkaio truely gives meaning to the words “Bedroom producer” and I can’t complain, Mkaio is doing it right!  Please take a minute to listen to some of these beautiful tracks and if you have the money, purchase Mkaio’s album for only $7 on BANDCAMP!

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