To this day, I can confidently say that my life has been changed for the better thanks to a certain Holland-native mysterioso by the name of Shook. His artist biography is nothing short of mythical and sci-fi, and his music can only be described as a mix of 1986-era electro-funk intermittently injected with soulful and angelic R&B/jazz, and it only takes a few seconds to understand the pure bliss and tranquility found within each original and remix he lays his fingers upon. His newest gift, an unreleased jazz/chillout song produced with the amazing and talented Rhian Benson, is well within the normal Shook spectrum of sounds, yet amazingly new and different from his previous releases. And, thanks to his achievement of 10,000 followers on Facebook, he has provided it for his followers for free download and further audio-euphoria. So download and listen to this new track, and lose yourself within the galaxy of sound that is Shook!

Download : Rewind (Shook Remix) – Rhian Benson

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