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Tanner Caldwell is unique in his own right and carving his way onto the scene with what I’d consider some pretty soulful productions.  The Texas native has plunged head-first into the production world and has done swimmingly including performing with some of our favorites like Sliink, Heartbreak, Willy Joy, DJ Sega & more.  His experimental style transcends into musical waves of futuristic bass tracks capable of inducing a hypnotic state of meditation and are quite fitting for any moment of reflection.  Besides production, he’s the master behind NYC and Philadelphia’s “Cat Face” events, which are staples in both cities, so don’t miss your next opportunity to catch this series.

Listen : Naom-I (Original Mix) – Tanner Caldwell

Listen : Take a Trill Pill (Tanner Caldwell Summer 2012 Mixtape)

Tanner Caldwell on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


I first stumbled upon Smutlee about a year ago or so when one of his tracks was part of a Nadastrom mix.  Quickly I became obsessed with finding the full version and the man who was behind those magical 50 seconds of the mix.  The track I refer to is “Majic” (below), and I dare you to turn this on and stay still, it’s impossible to not move to this one.  People lately have been asking for more moombahton, and I’ve been holding onto this gem of a producer, whose dancehall style is impeccable.  His light and fun vibe brings a smile to my face without fail every time his tropical sounds hit my eardrums.  Add him to your arsenal of moombahton weapons and you’ll be armed with a good time no matter who you’re with or where you are.

Listen : Majic (Smutlee Moombahton Edit) – Mescal Kid ft. Ms. Thing

Listen/Download : Gimme Rack City (Smutlee Dancehall Remix)

Smutlee on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Elliott Porter

When I play the mainly house tracks produced by Elliott Porter and close my eyes, sometimes I lose myself and I feel like I’m back at one of my favorite clubs in Madrid, surrounded by thousands of people who all seem to be moving in waves as they bounce to the big-room synthy vibes.  With fast tempos and plenty of heavy stabs to melt the worries from  your brain, our friend Elliott’s productions are perfect for any moment; whether it be starting your day out on the right foot, or night for that matter.  As such a young prospect, it will be interesting to see which path his style and production tricks will lead him down as he develops his craft.

Listen/Download : Flamingo – Elliott Porter

Listen/Download : Somebody’s Theme – Elliott Porter

Elliott Porter on : Twitter | SoundCloud

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