This whirlwind of a summer begins to draw itself to a close; people are getting back to classes, summer tours are coming to their end, festival season is just about over, and for some there’s just no rest for the weary. After a short stint of down time from their summer tour which had them hopping from around to all sorts of festivals, from Coachella to Electric Forrest, Beats Antique hits the road once again. This time to tour for the release of the upcoming ‘Contraption Vol. II’. Thankfully we were lucky enough to catch them for a few minutes on the phone to pick their brains about the upcoming release along with the lengthy Animale Mechanique Tour they have already kicked off on the west coast.

If the name Beats Antique is unfamiliar to you than you’re definitely in for a treat! This artistic production group consists of David Satori, Zoe Jakes, and Tommy Cappel. This family of friends has already been crafting music for nearly half a decade to date and has a very reputable slew of releases behind them. Beats Antique came to existence during an influx in fusion music (such as Big Gigantic and Break Science) which is a style that incorporates live instruments with electronic elements. Beats took a very worldly approach by incorporating all sorts of musical styles into their tracks. Many of their tracks have a very tribal Middle Eastern vibe to them with added flares of other elements such as hip hop, jazz and electronic music. Their live performances are also unlike that of any other group I have seen. Boasting belly dancing from Zoe, Tommy on drums, David on strings, and sometimes if you catch them on the right night they might even have entire band of wild animals getting down on stage with them!

Lucky for us this brief little interview fell right around the release of their newest ‘Animale Mechanique 2012 Mixtape’ so we’ll let you guys dive on into that while you hear what Beats Antique had to say to us over here at The Dankles. If you’re one of our CO//Chicago viewers be sure to catch them Halloween weekend at the Fillmore in Denver October 27th and at Park West in Chicago October 31st! And if you’re not in one of those places for Halloween we highly suggest catching Beats Antique at a stop of theirs near you to experience them first hand.

Listen: Animale Mechanique 2012 Mixtape – Beats Antique

TD: How has the universe been treating you guys lately?
David: It has been pretty crazy recently man, our trailer that’s on the back of our bus almost broke off this morning. Aside from that everything is all good man!

Defnitely living on the edge with the budget, with big buses and bridges an such. We’re actually stuck at a deatail shop in California getting our trailer hitch fixed. ‘The life of bein’ a rock star” (David chuckles).

TD: Been a busy summer and you guys have been all over, what were some highlights of the past few months?
David: I dunno, what was a good show we just played, Tommy?

Tommy: Umm I would that say that Chicago show we just played at North Coast; that was a fun time.  We had no idea what it was going to be like playing in the afternoon and we wound up strutting our stuff for 10,000 people up there.

David: Red Rocks was also pretty epic and Coachella was also really big this summer.

TD: Where have you guys been since North Coast came to a close?
David: We just recently jumped on tour, we took up a Burning Man after party in Reno, now we’re just starting our ‘Animale Mechanique Tour’ to promote ‘Contraption Vol. II’ which drops in a week or two.

TD: We noticed that your stops in CO land right around Halloween, can we expect anything ghoulish from you guys at that show?
Zoe: We plan on spending a lot on production and doing some really crazy weird stuff.

Along with bringing you guys a ton of music you have never heard before! (Zoe adds in a slightly-evil tone)

We’ll be playing with Zion I, Minnesota, and LYNX that night.

TD: So The Great Convergance, at least to us, looks like one of the coolest venues a group like Beats Antique could play. How did this all come into play?
David: Well, uh, it started with these aliens. They landed in our bedroom when we were on tour about 2 months ago and they transmitted a message to us saying that’s where everybody needs to be for the end of the world. So we had a meeting and were teleported to another universe where we were told the Earth is going to open up and a great portal between the pyramids will open to lead people into the Infinite. And that being the case, they wanted us to play this particular show, the Do Lab just happened to be the ones putting it on, so we said lets do it!

TD: Have you been able to see where you’ll be performing yet?
David: Yeah actually when they transmitted one of the first messages to us they sent us a YouTube video of the site, it looks really cool. We’re playing at Giza, the Great Pyramids I believe, where the great portal will open up December 21, 2012.

I dunno man it could turn out to be anything, it might just be a bunch of camels and tourists for all we know.

We’re syched though, we are actually going to be hooking up with some Egyptian musicians and bring them out to do a little collaboration. It’ll be interesting to do a little cross-cultural experimentation.

TD: On ‘Contraption Vol.I’ you brought in all sorts of outside musicians that spiced up the entire EP, can we look to see anyone else featured on Vol. II?
David: Actually a majority of the tour is just the three of us this time, so we’re actually just trying to minimalize it. We have some guest performers for the first chunk of the tour, then in Denver we’ll have some guests as well for Halloween, but we’re sort of trying to keep it to the three of us. We want to get that trio kind of vibe out their for ourselves because we definitely haven’t done that as much as we would have liked.

TD: Considering you’re focusing most of this tour on the three of you, do you have any collaborations in the works for future projects?
David: We might be trading some remixes with some folks but nothing has been made official yet. As far as musical collaborations and stuff, we’re actually just diving into that as we begin work on our next album in 2013. We definitely have a bunch of good ideas on the burner for collaborators.

Tommy: On this new album we will be doing some stuff that’s different than all the other albums, we’ll have a remix or two on there too.

TD: I know a lot of our viewers would like to know; what it was like to work with Bassnectar?
David: Yeah I mean Lorin’s definitely an old school friend of ours, from living out in the Bay area, and the burning man world and such. He did a remix for ‘Roustabout’ then took us on our first big tour in 2009, since then he has been a big fan and really helped us get to that next level. We have a lot of love and respect for Lorin Ashton and yeah he’s a fun dude to work with. We definitely want to do something in the future it just takes a lot longer since he’s getting bigger and bigger, it’s definitely something we want to work on though! We’ll just have to be patient with him.

TD: Since that first big tour you guys have been seemingly going nonstop; do you have anything to say about how quickly you guys gained notoriety?
David: Yeah its kind of crazy, I think for us we have just sort of been working so long it kind prevents us from being able to look up and realize ‘Look at what we have accomplished’. I think if we were to take a little bit of a break you would then be able to look at things to say ‘Ok so this is what I have done’. It has just been constant, constant, constant for 2-3 years; and we just keep rolling with it, going, going, and going. It’s really exciting actually.

TD: Does life on the road ever beat you down?
David: I mean sometimes you think, yeah I’d like to see a few other people that I know. But at the same time we love each other, you know? We have been friends for a long time and if I was gonna choose anyone to be on the road with I’d probably choose these guys anyway.

Tommy: Aw that’s sweet Dave.

Zoe: Aw.

David: Yeah we’re a big family on the road; it takes a lot of energy to keep it going. There’s those moments where we get burnt out but people will get burnt out doing anything man! I’d rather be burnt out doing this for a day than working at 7-11 or something like that. We’re really grateful for where we are at.

Tommy: Did you just compare touring with working at 7-11? Ha

David: Yeah, I feel like I’m working at 7-11 sometimes, just sayin’ ha

Tommy: Hah I’d love to see work at 7-11 in that little outfit.

Zoe: I realized a good camparision, looking backstage at all of our ridiculous props right now; I’d probably say we are a goofy, hippie GWAR. Only instead of getting eaten by a giant alien plant you get eaten by a giant dolly.

David: We keep ourselves entertained. Its kind of what this job is about, if you can’t entertain yourself you’re probably not entertaining your audience very well either.

Animale Mechanique Tour Fall 2012

Last Word with Beats Antique

Last time you were in the studio:
Zoe: Ah!

David: Ha like 5 days ago? We’re constantly in the studio, you have to realize there’s one side of electronic music that’s producing tracks then going out a playing it. But if we produce a track with live instruments then want to go back to play it out loud we have to completely reproduce it.

Tommy: And every time we open our computer we’re at the studio!

Last random shit you saw:
David: Our trailer being totally dug into the ground and the whole bottom of our bus being bent out of shape.

Tommy: You gotta understand something here, I got a ride home last night from my buddy Chico.

David: Wait so is this the first time you’re hearing about this Tommy?

Tommy: I mean Rich told me a little about it, but he didn’t really TELL me about it.

David: Yeah I mean I was just having fun for the interview but yeah it’s pretty messed up. Yeah Tommy isn’t on the bus with us, he’s meeting up with us in LA. 

Last time you attended a show you didn’t play at:
Tommy: Apparat’s new show


Zoe: I really enjoyed MartyParty at this past WTF?! (What The Festival in Tygh Valley, OR) he’s just so slick!

David: Yeah, Martyparty is awesome, I just saw Chromeo. They killed the crowd, real good performers.

Tommy: They killed the crowd? Why would they kill people?

David: I dunno man, their just killers, killin’ it

Last favorite tweet:
Tommy: Probably when David puts up some random picture or something like that…

David: We did this one write your own caption on this picture of someone trying to open the Emergency Exit on an airplane that got a big response. Our fans are pretty weird//creative and man some of the stuff they would write. We had something like 200 comments of whacked out realities trying to depict what was going on in the picture.

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