The Lawrence brothers, the 18 and 20 year old UK-based duo formally known as Disclosure, have been power-steering off the beaten path of future house music since their first release in 2010, and with every new release it seems they’ve goten more and more norms to break and more and more creativity to unveil. We’ve featured other classics of theirs in our Fresh Pickn’s Fridays 24, such as ‘Control’ and ‘Running (Disclosure Remix)’, but today we bring you their newest single ‘Latch’. This funky, R&B groove tune features the talented Sam Smith, whose sensual vocals and love-spreading lyrics make this track one hell of a sexy jam. And the best part about it is, it is guaranteed that no matter whom you play their music for, they will undoubtedly start smiling or moving their body; go ahead, see for yourself!


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