Given the nature of the album, The Dankles didn’t cover channel ORANGE, Frank Ocean’s haunting and humbling debut LP. It was released this summer to a wave of coverage, all positive, which unanimously regarded Ocean as our generation’s newest and most striking singer/songwriter. (On behalf of The Dankles, it is a phenomenal album. Introduce yourself if you haven’t already.) Provided the genius of Ocean’s work emerges from his intimate confessions and the subtly stark production that accompanies it, the channel ORANGE remix scene has been virtually non existent. Until last night, that is.

Los Angeles producer and Dankles favorite Flying Lotus took one of the LP’s most melodic and sensual numbers, ramped up the pace, tweaked the pitch of Ocean’s vocals, and spit out a supreme and understated (that’s key) reworking. SoundCloud does indicate that this remix is unfinished (the name’s also been changed from “Think Bout You” to “Binge Eating Without You”). Unfortunately, there’s no free download to accompany this release, but you can spin it below. If you’re digging this track, be sure to watch Ocean perform the non-remixed version of “Thinkin Bout You” at the VMAs.


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