Most artists portray themselves in a polite and respectable manner via their social media platforms in order to gain attention and grow their fan base, but their lives an artists who has a creative way of expressing himself by continuously posting messages either showing or requesting images of breasts which seems to work in his favor. Borgore is also one of the grimmest individuals when it comes to producing hard-hitting dubstep tracks and when lyrics are involved, you can be left chuckling or in a state of shock and horror. His Smell Your D*ck track isn’t new by any means, but has finally been released after being hidden for almost over a year. And with a new EP titled   Turn Up on the way, you can expect more noise coming from the man that has supposedly ruined dubstep. Enjoy mes Amis.

Listen: Smell Your D*ck – Borgore


Listen: Turn Up (Ft. Carnage) – Borgore

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