Last week at some point we brought you that new Kanye, Big Sean, and Jay-Z track entitled ‘CLIQUE’. This seems to be a bit of a follow up to this summers epedemic ‘Mercy’, which featured Mr.West and a stunning beat from Hudson Mohawke to back him up (as I’m sure you’re all fully aware). Seen as this summer was also flooded with remix after remix of that same track I wouldn’t be surprised if this new release ‘CLIQUE’ sees similar attention in the coming month. I have seen a few remixes surface and disappear in the past few days (due copyright things and sort) but this little juked up footwork remix from ### (Pound Pound Pound) and FootwoRK caught my ears this morning and I had to help these guys out by sharing this with each and every one of you! The guys have been working hard to keep their remix on the web so be sure to thank them if you’re diggin’ this chune!

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