“The title ‘Moment Of Truth’ is a reference to mythology and the hero’s journey. This moment comes when the mythological hero has fought their way to the end, and they battle the final enemy, in the battle that will decide who triumphs and who is vanquished. They are always faced with a moment that puts all of their strength and willpower to the test. This is the moment of truth.” Props to you Kraddy, you hit the nail right on the head with the title of this new jam. Per usual, the ex-Glitch Mob powerhouse Kraddy has released an extremely epic new tune, taking you on a journey filled with fortitude and glory as you prepare yourself for it’s “Moment of Truth”, a bass-driven obstacle-conquering melody that would honestly probably have been on Frodo’s playlist before he began his quest for Mordor. You’ll see what I mean soon enough…

Download : Moment of Truth – Kraddy


Download : Seven Devils (Kraddy Remix) – Florence & The Machine

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