In my history of electronic music appreciation, the Drum n’ Bass/Dubstep/Breakbeat dynamos Chase & Status have always seemed to be one of the greats in their genres. As exercised in all of their music, whether their tracks be filled to the brim with ruckus and energy or on the lighter, more ambient side of things, the multi-faceted duo have created quite a big name for themselves, which in turn allows them to take a more creative and outlandish approach to each of their new releases. With the current outbreak of “Trap Syndrome” hitting every dj and their mother across the glove, it seemed about time that these UK bass-kicking animals created their own interpretation of the hip-hop infused bass music we’re seeing so much of today. And lemme tell ya, these guys did it right. With old school scratches mixed with studio-sounding drum samples, this song brings the heat of a 90’s underground scratch session mixed with the energy of a 90’s rave club… truly an epic mix. So download your free copy of Chase & Status’s newest remix of “Network” by Dream Mclean below!

Download : Network (Chase & Status Remix) – Dream Mclean

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