365 days, 8765.81 hours, 525949 minutes are a collection of numbers that can mean many different things depending on the individual(s) you ask. For me, these variant numbers represent a year thats passed since The Dankles became a part of my everyday life in ways that never came to mind back then. Though I could spend this entire post thanking the numerous people that have been their along this journey, this is not the time or place to do such a thing. In a recent interview conducted by ThisThatSaid.comI talked about how living in Chicago  during the EDM Boom is something to cherish and that legends such as Felix da Housecat paved the way for countless artists in the game today. It seems like the legend is still at play and throwing a fresh to death genre into a Nas remix featuring J Paul Getto called hip house that we hopefully will see more of its kind in the near future. Enjoy mes Amis

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