In an awesomely unforeseen series of events, the young dubstep veteran Datsik released THREE new and individually awesome tracks last night for our listening pleasure! These tracks are a mix of originals and remixes, and although personally they don’t seem to break outside the usual mold of the British Columbian native, each of them have a new taste to be tested and a new sound to be heard. The first track, a remix of the famous Linkin Park track “Until It Breaks”, is a drumstep remix that features an epic piano-filled intro with an ultimately raw and siren-filled drop. The second remix, a take on Colin Munroe’s “Your Eyes” featuring K-Flay, has a real grunge-y and hypnotizing introduction and verse, until it flows out into a wobble-toned and subbass-driven melody, also filled with the classic Datsik bass sounds and lasers. My personal favorite, his new 100 bpm glitch-hop track “Juicebox”, is real head-rocker that takes me back to the older days of the low-decibel craving basshead, incorporating hip-hop acapella samples with alluring string samples, all brought together with a relentless, foot-stompin’ drum line. Although none of these tracks are available for free download, be sure to check them out below and lookout for Datsik’s Firepower Tour hitting a city near you!

Listen : Until It Breaks (Datsik Remix) – Linkin Park

Listen : Your Eyes (Datsik Remix) – Colin Munroe feat. K-Flay

Listen : Juicebox – Datsik

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