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Otto Von Schirach


Heavy bass, dinosaurs, a weird moombahton-esque mixture with some dubstep squalls?  Sounds like a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon, a pretty simple recipe that is enjoyed by all without a single doubt in anyone’s mind.  Well, that’s at least the recipe that Miami man Otto Von Schirach uses in his new video for “When Dinosaurs Rule the Earth”.  Having a pretty established following in the Miami bass scene, he’s been criticized for going “mainstream” and appealing to the masses more with this newest video release from a few days ago.  You be the judge, because in my eyes there’s nothing mainstream about these crazily dressed people in random dance scenes clipped with some raw live footage all mixed in with “Alligator jesus” using a walker and the “Banana Sloth”.  Original weirdness at it’s finest in my book and something definitely not to be overlooked.

Otto Von Schirach on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


Well, for men a “tease” usually refers to a woman, for women, a “tease” usually refers to food, and for EDM lovers, a “tease” usually refers to a snippet.  Any of the above references and so many more are possible when one just isn’t satisfied with a small portion of whatever is in question; whether it be lovin’, cake, or beats.  This is how Dutch producer, Morrison, makes me feel lately.  Since I’ve been a bit disheartened by the ridiculous oversaturation of our beloved EDM world, it makes the “tease” effect that much more annoying (in a good way in this case!) when someone’s beats end just far too fast.  For the non-moombahtonistas (I’m sorry to hear that, what a shame…) this genius uses the ultimate weapon; the skullstep snare, so beware of it’s hard-hitting powers; you’ll never claim moombahton is dead after hearing from this moombahtease.

Listen : GABBAHTON ID – Morrison

Listen : Maluku (Morrison’s Maluco Remix) – Broederliefde

Morrison on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Feel My Bicep

I said it before and I’m sure it won’t be the last time I say this again, this EDM oversaturation stuff is really weighing on my shoulders.  It’s so difficult to find fresh talent on a weekly basis and present it to you guys, I can’t just pass off crap tunes and pretend that I like them.  Yet there’s always a shred of hope, I’m always searching for the minute & barely visible ray of sunshine to light up the room, and this week, I’ve found it in Bicep.  As summer is winding down, I’ve been in a more somber and chill mode lately, seeking vibes that are more meaningful and not just seizure music (which, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every now-and-again).  This has been fulfilled by disco-y London-based producer whose self-proclaimed mission is to “flex our cosmic muscle”.  I’d say he succeeds with flying colors.  When in need of a break from the loudness and confusion of a similar-sounding EDM world, pop on Bicep and enjoy the revival of house beats that serve as a proper homage to the roots of electronically made music.

Listen : Vision Of Love – Bicep

Listen : You – Bicep & Ejeca

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