Here at the Dankles, we’ve had a lot to discuss over the contagiously popular “trapstyle” genre that EDM has blossomed into so quickly in these past few months. The biggest issues we have faced, however, have involved finding those artists that stick out amongst their competition, whether they be of veteran or nubile status in the trapstyle game. Well, in our most recent discussions, the name gLAdiator has been coming up quite frequently, and it’s because of their distinct mix of sounds and production style, as well as their appreciation for one of the most beautiful women on Earth that brought them to our attention. So, when we were given the opportunity to interview the highly acclaimed duo about a week ago, there was little hesitation in our response, and before we could say “Real Trap Sh*T” we had a full interview with the one and only. We were also fortunate enough to release our interview around the time of their newest release, their remix of ‘Clique’ by Kanye, Big Sean, & Jay-Z, so listen to their new remix below and learn a lil’ somethin’ about the life of gLAdiator!

The Dankles: What’s up fellas? We’ll start things off lightly and clear the air out a little, as we would all love to learn some physical identity behind the ballin’ duo known as gLAdiator; What are your names, ages, and current location?

gLA: Hey Dankles! Our names are Danl and Ian. Danl, the beard, is 23 and Ian, the brash, is 22 (aging mid-October) and we both live in the City of Angels.

TD: What musical backgrounds/interests do you guys hail from, and how did you guys come together and create the tour de force that is gLAdiator?

gLA: Danl has been musically inclined from a very young age and has been taught and self taught a number of instruments. Ian has had a passion for music all of his life,  growing up to the sounds of 90’s Hip Hop and R&B. We have been friends since high school but came together half-way through college to really get shit poppin.

TD: Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I imagine that a collective devotion for the unbelievably sexy and talented Mila Kunis had something to do with it too, right? Or was that just a mere coincidence in passions written in the “Beliefs” section on your FB page?

gLA: Ah Mila, she is one of our few muses along with Kobe. We look to her for insight and wisdom in our music making. She is the goal we strive for: “Would Mila bump this?”

TD: Couldn’t agree more! Well, it’s quite apparent that together you guys have a great amount of creativity and distinction behind your sound; is there a specific process or intended sound you guys look to create when beginning on a new track? Or is it less structured and a little more freelanced?

gLA: Honestly, we try to do something different with each song so there’s no standard we go into when making music.

TD: Word up! Can you describe to us a little about your studio workspace? What DAW’s you use, speaker system, etc.? What about when you guys are tearing sh*t up live on stage? What kind of mixing programs/decks do you guys prefer to use?

gLA: Our studio is Danl’s parent’s back house where we have two Rokit 5s, Ableton Live, our trusty immobile audio interface, named Caspa, and a dream. On stage we primarily use CDJs and Serato but both Danl and Ian are committed to DJing as an art form and can spin on literally any DJ-able device.

TD: From following you guys on Soundcloud, we’ve noticed that despite previously producing from a moombahton/electro-esque background, the gLAdiator duo seem to have been diagnosed with a severe case of the contagious ‘Trap Syndrome’; (your newest remix of Clique, the August mix, and Gamecube Nintendo, which we must say is quite the anthem as of late) what are your opinions of the sudden outbreak in trap and future bass music and what can be said about it’s future both within your production world as well as in the EDM world as a whole?

gLA: Bass music is really what’s on the upswing and we’re both very not mad at it. Fat 808’s are so much more appealing than overly wompy bass lines or screechy synths. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, we just prefer a different sound. Whether it will last is kind of up to the producers. We’ve seen a sharp decline in Moombahton productions lately, not just from us but across the board. Times are changing faster and faster and it’s all about keeping up at this point.

TD: Now, if you wouldn’t mind indulging us, we’d love to understand a little more about the personal lives of the artists within gLAdiator; if we didn’t catch you in the studio, where else would we expect to find you?

gLA: Wherever it would be “going down,” as it were. Whether that be in the trap, in the mall, in the club. You better believe wherever it is “going down,” we’ll be there. More specifically Ian tears it up at Radio Disney and Danl schools folks down at Scratch DJ Academy. 

TD: How did you guys come to create the name gLAdiator? What is it about LA that makes it such a memorable and epic place?

gLA: LA is one of the only places in the world you can Ski and Surf in the same day. Nuff said. We got the “enjoying life” game on lock. Our friend David came up with the name gLAdiator when we use to be a trio, we were all different characters from the movie “Gladiator.”

TD: And for the ladies out there : where are y’all on romantic side of things? Are either of you guys latched on to a significant other? Or living the sweet and single life of a modern day go-getter?

gLA: Ian’s got a lady, Danl is single and potentially looking to mingle. Beard friendly ladies preferable.

TD: Sounds good fellas. Let’s get back to business then. Looking ahead, what does gLAdiator have planned for the world as far as shows, tours, new releases, etc? Anything/anyone big coming up worth noting?

gLA: We’re opening for Rusko next Thursday and then shortly after we’ll be GONE on a WILD tour that we can’t talk about yet but there will definitely be a lot of GIRLS seeing us play. That’s all I can really say about it. Worth noting is our mixtape coming out with Trapaholics x next month. Be on the lookout for THAT shit.

TD: Awesome! Well thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to delve into the lives of the one and only gLAdiator! You guys have any last words or shout outs to make before we wrap things up?

gLA: Hit us up on twitter/instagram/facebook to get to know us a little better. Shout outs to all the homies doin’ it big in the EDM game right now (stay on the grind, homies!), shout outs to the twitter fam, shout outs to Jerry’s Famous Deli (they know why), shout out to Bill_Nye_Tho for being the SHIT, shout out to DLowe, the Vickman, GOJ!RA (aka Mr Sauce), and the Casa de Lax crew, shout out to Polar Management (so icey!!!), shout out to Mila (love ya, babe), shout out to shout outs for being shout outable, and a HUGE shout out to Dankles for doing this awesome interview!

gLAdiator on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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