So, this track is “Valid Like Salad” huh?? I actually couldn’t agree more. The unstoppable moombahton duo that is Sazon Booya just released this new remix on Ultra Records, and with such big-room sounds and bangin’ drum lines it almost seemed necessary to compare its validity to that of, well, a salad. But don’t get me wrong, some salads are legit as f*ck (If you go to Disney World All-Star food courts, no lie you’ll see what I mean…), so it wouldn’t surprise me that the utter chaos and bass-sanity that is risen from the introduction’s innocent freestyle would revolve around such an influential phrase. I wish I knew exactly where the sample came from, even though it is now nothing in comparison to the dembow and laser filled classic these guys have manifested itself into. So purchase this new bangin’ remix if you can, and be sure to show the moombah fam some love on their FB page here. Now SHAKE IT!

Listen : Valid Like Salad (Sazon Booya Remix) – Joo & DJ C-HIM

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