Yes you read correctly we have a JAMMED packed 60 track EP for all you guys today. This pack dropped a few weeks back but it took us about that look to sift through all these tracks. Given some of them are a little out there; take the time to digest each track as you make your way through the album. Before I go any further lemme introduce who’s got some lines on this release in the first; we have Boys of Summer, $onny Pellegrino, Terrance No!, Hot Tub C, Melter Julez, Booze Hound, Zooted, Gucci 2x, Nik Da Greek, Al K Duh, Surgeon Slice, Poet Goat, and Bad News as the roster draws itself to a close. Now I’m not gonna be surprised if some or all of these names sound a little foreign to you but definitely be sure to check these doodes out if you catch a track you’ve latched on to. Anyways, enough of me! Get to checkin’ out this slew of tunes, grab the download from DatPiff and peep the guys music video for HUNDRED $ EVERY $ DAY.

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