I don’t know if any of you are familiar with west coast bass magician Gladkill but it’s about time to have your eyes opened! I first became familiar with Gladkill through the DoLab, I would stumble through their elaborate festival stages into a wall of bass music. Given that it was always blaring from Gladkill’s set it was always something good that drew me in. As dug into these producers on the web I found Gladkill to be one of my favorites and this new EP from him pretty much explains why I’ve grown this affinity for Gladkill. Packed up tight in this 4-track EP we have sweeping, starry synths, deep space bass, echoing vocals sliding to and fro, and don’t forget all the glorious glitched out clicks and tings Gladkill threw in there to twerk your eardrums (there’s even that one space hood banger for all you Jedi’s out there).  Make it do what it do and be sure to catch Gladkill on tour with Bassnectar this fall!

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