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Funk D’Void


Out of nowhere, a friend put on this remix of Funk D’Void’s and down the rabbit hole I fell pretty quickly.  A current resident of Barcelona and an inspiring new addition to my audio arsenal, Funk D’Void bases all of his productions off the true history of electronically-produced music.  One of the first recognized wave of House music in Chicago almost a lifetime ago and the techno push in Detroit are the two main movements that effected and are instilled in the brain of Funk D’Void.  This classic point of view (in a sense) comes to life through 808’s and soulful productions that are far from the saturated and everything-sounds-the-sameness that we’re being pummeled with daily.  Who can you honestly say has produced an eight-minute track recently that you could listen to everyday?  It’s a tough feat to overcome and Funk D’Void passes the test with flying colors.

Funk D’Void on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


Call it what you may, biased or whatever, but I’m a moombahton fan.  I am on a neverending mission to find new producers and tracks that are overlooked for you guys, but I always look for moombahton before anything.  The way I first heard of ChooKy was when he remixed Mr. Vega’s (of Sazon Booya) “Ape Shit”, which upon first listen, infected my eardrums harder than a watchdog who hears a pin drop and is convinced they’re being infiltrated.  Maybe its his wide variety of well-developed productions that expand across the borders of genres and their definitions, but ChooKy has me convinced that he’s on an upward-bound journey to the top that should be fun to watch and enjoy the fruits as you never know if it’s going to be a drum and bass apple, or a moombahton peach, or a dubstep pear that’s about to hit you in the head from the ChooKy tree.

Listen : Santor (Original Mix) – ChooKy ft. Iggy Azalea

Listen : Shake It Mamma (Chooky Moombahton Remix) – Antonia

ChooKy on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Hannah Wants

Everyone is always a bit thrown off guard by a female producer and/or DJ with talent in such a male dominated EDM world so it’s interesting to follow the careers of such women.  Hannah Wants happens to be one of these producers who has already tackled many arenas including Ibiza, the motherland of it all.  With what may deceive you at first as poppish electronica tunes, for me, vocals aside, the house beats Hannah Wants lays down will drop you in the house trance easier than an old man into a bath.

Listen : I Still Love You – Hannah Wants & Lorenzo

Listen : Teardrop On Fire – Hannah Wants & Lorenzo

Hannah Wants on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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