So we have a little something special for you guys to kick off this upcoming week of music. Over here at The Dankles we have been have been able to give each and everyone of you some real exclusive tracks, but never before have we premiered a music video. Sam chatted me up about the idea and after taking a peep at this official video for ‘Last Kings’ I was definitely down to get this together a little last minute. The Filmatics & The Amazing Adventure of Dashing Films NYC bring us this crisp summertime video that definitely is a nice closing anthem to these past few summer months. Sam and Perrion float about their kingdom of NYC throughout the video giving everyone a brief glimpse at the place they call home all while fading in an out of the two gettin’ all sorts of pampered up in some lush hotel room. Anyways be sure to check this video and share it with everyone you know to help these homies get some love!

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