On this very fine Moombahton Monday, we bring you the latest in outrageously live and sexy dembow tunes, all found here in this newest EP by 2DEEP. Featuring artists like Noizekid, babySTEPS, and a few others, this 7 track, Mad Decent certified, dance floor wrecker is something of a must for any moombahtonista. There is a real sense of “umph” in this EP, because it seems in current times that moombahton really doesn’t have much of a light in the EDM culture anymore, seeing as the inflaming craze of trap music is everywhere and anywhere right now. But have no fear, because these producers are coming at you HARD, bringing you only the best of the best for your ears to handle. And if your ears can’t handle it, put that ass to work!

Download : Muevelo EP – 2DEEP

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