Bronze Whale, the production duo that gave you the excellent cover of Skream’s tune and a really great remix of “I Love Summer” are back again with another remix.  This time they took on Adventure Club’s tune “Retro City” and remixed it into a bass heavy tune that will seem tamer than the original but still goes hard!  Bronze Whale takes Adventure Club’s choppy vocals and uses it to their advantage, almost making the tune sound like a down-tempo glitched out tune, but when the bass drops in it just makes this tune even better.  I won’t lie, I think I like this tune better than the original.  Anyways, if you’re into this go to Bronze Whale’s soundcloud and check out some more music!

Download: Retro City (Bronze Whale remix) – Adventure Club


Download: I Love Summer (Bronze Whale remix) – Honey Claws


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