The most talked about duo in dubstep, Nero are back at it in the studio.  In a recent radio interview they said that they have completed nearly eight tracks that they are very happy with and plan to be in the studio for a couple more months to finish off the record.  If it’s anything like Welcome Reality, Nero’s fans will be very happy.  This new track, “Won’t You (Be There)”, is a track that Nero has been playing out at shows throughout there last tour through the US and you might have heard it if you’ve been to one of their shows recently.  The duo said that they wanted to give their fans something to hold them over until they hear something from the album!  Also, lined above is a music video for Nero’s official remix for Michael Jackson’s “Speed Demon”, and you guessed it, IT’S AWESOME!

Download: Won’t You (Be There) – Nero


Download: Fok Julee Naaiers (Nero Bootleg) – Die Antwoord

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