There must be something in the water surrounding France… I swear it seems like every single day I find myself baffled by the burgeoning talent and expertise in electro/house that graces every French producer/dj I know. But despite my dismay, it comes to no surprise to me that the French duo The Noisy Freaks would collaborate with Swedish electro/house machine Soulero and release such an awesomely captivating EP, such as Bon Appétit. Coming from a complextro/house background, this EP is a phenomenal combination of euphoric choruses and synths, hard and bass-driven melodies, as well as groovy vocal sampling. Whether you’re cruising to it in your whip out on these beautiful newly-autumn days, or just jamming and dancing to it with friends on your local speaker system, this EP is a must-have for anyone who likes to have a good time with a lil’ extra UMPH on the side, so download the FREE EP below and move those feet!

Download : Bon Appétit EP – The Noisy Freaks & Soulero

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