Modular music’s Canyons has just released this beast of a remix the other day and I thought I would share it with you.  Canyon’s is a Sydney, Australia duo that don’t care about genres, and that is very clear when listening to this remix.  They took the hit from Tame Impala and transformed the guitar riffs into bleeps and bloops, added elephant noises and little synths squeals here and there.  This remix doesn’t change the original took much, but just where it counts.  It feels like Animal Collective remixed themselves and this was the product. Canyon’s has this to say on their Facebook page… “Canyons’ musical ensemble is hard to define. A theory of opposites attracting, a burgeoning front of beautiful contradictions. Their inspiration exists somewhere between sand dunes and icebergs, volcanoes and valleys, fiction and fact. Musically, Canyons never claim genres and more importantly, they don’t adhere to stereotypes. Striking the elusive balance between creativity, originality and pop sensibility, with an aural likeness to elements of psych, folk, house and everything deep, what is essential to Canyons is that their music evokes a sense of feeling and truth.”

Download: Elephant (Canyons Wooly Mammoth remix) – Tame Impala

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