Haters are everywhere; from unknown randoms to most likely someone close to you secretly never spoken, and usually tend to breed inspiration and an extra drive toward success because after all, success is the best revenge, right?  This idea is transmitted through Heartbreak’s newest collab with Miami native, Alexandre, as they release this darker, futuristic, electronic-trap fusion titled “F*Ck DEM H8RS“.  Looking to the inevitable future of the EDM world, the merging of genres to generate new sounds beyond the borders of definitions.  The deep drum and bass lines of the trap blend all sorts of sounds from trap and hip-hop to more melodic electronic and dub snares.  I find it hard that someone could be a hater to this track, as it really has a unique blend of elements that I believe everyone could find something they like, but I’m sure as with anything, comments will be made.  Bring on the inspirational haterade-drinkin’ criticism and enjoy a glimpse of what future sounds will be like thanks to our friend Heartbreak & Alexandre.

Listen / Download : F*Ck DEM H8RS (David Heartbreak & Alexandre Remix) – AN21 x Max Vangeli x Steve Angello

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