Those that are expecting to hear Origin of Symmetry-era Muse with their newest track need to throw that thought out the window before hitting play because this is a far cry from the loud, distorted guitars of “Plug In Baby.” What we do get, however is a song that London duo Nero clearly had their hands all over- and despite the bad taste that immediately comes with hearing Muse move towards EDM, it works surprisingly well. Lead singer Matthew Bellamy channels U2’s Bono with his long, drawn out notes and wide range, while the band backs him up with synths that drop into a drum-and-bass track that could have easily fit on Nero’s debut, Welcome Reality. In my opinion The 2nd Law is the most diverse release we’ve seen from the group yet (and an improvement over 2009’s hit-or-miss The Resistance), but you can decide for yourself when it drops October 2nd.

Listen: Follow Me (Co-Prod. by Nero) – Muse

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