So today we have something special for you guys that has been cookin in the beat kitchen for a little while now. We originally hit up Triple Cup for a little mix to feature in our Twerkin’ Trap Tuesday post that started to gain some serious steam this summer. Instead we got much much more than we asked for. Little to my knowledge Triple Cup had been crankin’ out some trill ass shit on the down low, and stacking up his arsenal in the shadows. He got back to me quickly mentioning that he was down to do the mix along with a brief little interview. On top of that he was willing to let us host his first EP. The product Triple Cup twisted up for us has four trunk knockin, bass infused, codeine sipping anthems that are gonna sweep the web like wildfire, so be sure to get ON this shit right away! All of these tracks were mastered by another ghost in the shadows, so to say, Taso; who has also been crankin’ out some of the dopest shit west of the Mississippi (you can catch a mix of all his unreleased ghetto bass over here). The sheer sexiness of this release is undeniable. Bound to get any party jumping in moments, you DO NOT want to miss out on this freebie. Special thanks to the homie Triple Cup for being so helpful, easy to work with, and allowing us to do this. We’re real stoked over here at The Dankles to be able to host this gem, and deliver it to you, the fans. Don’t be surprised to see more features from this young gun in the future, and be on the lookout for Triple Cup‘s trap Tuesday mix! And now, without further ado, our most anticipated release to date, we present to you, the TRPL3 CUP EP.

Download: Triple Cup – TRPL3 CUPTriple Cup on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


TD: We’ll start this off pretty basic; how about you tell us a little about yourself?
TC: My name is Knick, I DJ/produce beats under the name TRPL3/Triple Cup, reppin the whole West Coast. Im into Dunks, Bitches n Blunts. I like girls that go to the gym, rockin clean J’s and aren’t afraid to wear yoga pants. Girls that get money, girls with they own weed, Bass music to make girls dance is always a must as well.

TD: Did you have any big musical influences that pushed you in the direction that led to you making the kind of tunes you do today? 
TC: My first exposure to hip hop happened at a very young age and that vibe has stuck with me through out my music journey. That Hammer dance has stuck with a brotha for a bit now, can’t shake it.

TD: How long have you been producing music?
TC: I would have to say close to 10 years on and off. Some of my first tracks were hip hop and a 2-step/jungle vibe with the homie King Donko, we called ourselves the The Herbal Crew. I went on solo as Konekta and had a long addiction of making Ragga-Jungle. In around 09’ I started making mostly glitchy hip-hop bass driven music. Now here I am in 2012 making hip hop/Trap/Bass music, using a drum kits from the 80’s.

TD: Where are you looking to wind up in the long run with your music? Or is music not necessarily your passion?
TC: I honestly don’t know where this is taking me, I cant stop making noise. Im just weird, strange, I tap on shit, make sounds with my mouth,  sound/music is definitely a passion.

TD: It’s apparent that you have been a part of this wave of trill/trap music lately; is this a new interest of yours or have you been on this beat for a little while now?
TC: Hip hop was in my life from a very young age so I’ve always had my ear on that hip hop vibe. I’ve always been paying attention to Sauve House, Rap-A-Lot, No Limit, Trill Ent. ect… I’d have to say its just apart of hip hop, so Ive always been on this hip hop, trap, trill, instrumental stuff.

TD: Do you have any kind of stance or opinion about the sudden reemergence of trap music and where it’s going?
TC: I think its dope as all get down! It’s opening the door to bring the live MC back to shows. It’s taking

aspects from mainstream music and making Electronic Dance Music comfortable for the average person who didn’t grow up eating MDMA. I can’t wait to hear whats craking next summer with bass music in general, fuck trap, it’s a trap. If you love music and love being around people having a good time then it’s a trend worth dealing with.

TD: Are there any artists in particular that you have enjoyed the experience of working with yet?
TC: – Taso ( ) and I have a great vibe together, I fully dig that cat. He remixed one of my tracks for a Mal Label release, since that door was opened we have had many crazy times together.
– +Verb ( ) has been on the AIM for a bit and recently I got to work with him and Buddy Leezle ( ) on the new Traptorade release via 710 Recordings. ( )
– Ro Knew ( ) is another homie, Im always shooting tunes his direction. Him and J5 ( were the first homies in the Bay to reach out  my direction.
– Spekt1 ( ) is the MAIN homie runnin shit up in PDX. That poor guy has been hearing 95% of all my ideas for the last 6+ years.

These dudes are pretty much my main dudes, these guys hear a lot of my tunes, give a lot of feed back and keep it real with me 24-7.

TD: And if you could chose one producer to collaborate on a track with who would it be?
TC: The list is too long , most definitely would be a hip hop producer that has passed this life, one of the early greats.

TD: This has become a pretty standard question of ours, what kind of equipment/software do you sit down with to produce in the studio? What about in a live show setting?
Studio set up is simple. HP Desktop rocking Acid7, using VST’s, Predator, Vangurd, Gladiator. Live setup atm is a 15 MPB using a Twitch controller and Traktor software.

TD:  I’m always a little curious (this has turned into a fairly routine Q for us as well), when 

you’re just kicking back and lounging who are a few producers you might toss on to pleasure you ears?
TC: Right now Im bumping some old A$AP. A lot of Lex, Sizzle, Purps, Zaytoven, Jahil Beats, Jay Nari, Traxamillion, Rick Rock, Young Chop, SpaceGhost, Squeeky, TY Beats, shit I even like the Cataracs. I could go on for days. I listen to a lot of gangster rap at this point in my life, mostly because these producers named don’t put out instrumental mixtapes too often, so the best way to hear some of my favorites is through Gucci, Waka, E-40, Too Short, V-NA$TY, (RIP)Slim Dunk, Ice Burgundy, Dolph, Jerk, Hen FABBY, Chief, Fredo, Durk, A$AP Crew, RoKnew ect…

TD: What about on your days off, what might someone find you doing on any regular day of the week?
TC: Smoking bomb ass Sour D, drinking coffee making beats, every day. When Im in the city Im linking up with the homie TASO trying to hit the studio, its all music, there isn’t a day off. Grindin

TD: Kill one. Fuck one. Marry one. Rosie O’Donnell. Martha Stewart. Hillary Clinton.
TC: Rosie O’Donnell is gone straight off, I’d have to marry Martha so I could put that bitch to work in the kitchen! And Id ONLY fuck Hillary because I doubt she’s better than Martha in the kitchen. I’d bag that one and flip her over.

TD: How much syrup could a syrup slurper slurp if a syup slurper could only slurp syrup?
TC: Man on the real, if you sippin heavy you gota be drinking plenty water. I fill that 32oz. up when I can but be careful, people are dying off way too fast from not being educated on that promethazine.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to give us a few words, any last tips for those people out there on the web?
TC: Keep it real, GET PAID for your services, don’t under cut the next artist and don’t be afraid to be strange. Push it to the limit, you may only have one life to live on this earth. Lots of love to DEVi, Spekt, the 541 crew, J.Battle, J5, Ro, Taso, skully, Mal Label heads, RitualSF heads, SuckaFree posse….

Stay up, stay high and do more than just get by.

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