With the Indiana-based dubstep/drumstep producer Figure, we have reached a point of appraisal where we’ve had to come to terms with a few certain facts – First, he has created, and continues to create, a unique sound for himself. Second, he continues to strengthen his image and name by touring all around the country with a variety of other producers/dj’s. Third, he has not demonstrated any sign of diminishing his current streak of new and mostly free tunes. As you can imagine, we previously featured his original “Super Sonic Brain Waves” (you can find it here if you haven’t heard it yet), and with such blaring dubstep-synths hitting our speakers, we thought he had outdone himself to the fullest. Well, today he released his VIP version of the monstrous track, and we found it of utmost importance to relay it to you all, and present our case as to why Figure is such an outstanding artist. So snag your free download of his newest release and show your subwoofer a new meaning to the term BASS!

Download : Super Sonic Brain Waves (VIP) – Figure

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