Ok so this is a bit of a confusing tune to me.  I was never able to find a Gildas on Facebook or twitter or soundcloud, but I did find out that Gildas Loaec is the founder of French electronic music label, Kitsune.  Kitsune has a huge influential history in the forming of electronic music even dating back to when Daft Punk was first getting some love.  Loaec and Thomas Bangatler of Daft Punk actually started a label before this one was formed called, Roule.  So what you have here is the label boss man giving you a great remix.  I applaud a business man with the ability to create a great tune like this! Download now!

Download: True Romance (Gildas Kitsune Club Night remix) – Citizens!
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/46y7.mp3]

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