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Lithuanian DJ/producer, Vytis Gruzdys, professionally known as Boyfriend, is certainly no stranger to dance music. Heʼs had several different house and electro projects with his friends in Vilnius and is the co-founder of the cityʼs first tropical night “Club Tropicana”. His first release with Diabluma Sound was his unique approach to moombahton that caught the label’s ear. While most producers could easily see a formulaic approach to the genre, Vytis decides to throw that away in favor of a slightly dialed back yet even more twisted slant. The title track moves into an eerie whistle with a great filtering bassline opening just enough to make this a great warm up track or peak time groover.

Listen : Vodka House EP Teaser – Boyfriend

Boyfriend on : Twitter | SoundCloud

Will Sparks

It’s no surprise that this standout Melbourne, Australia producer caught my ear when I heard his tracks.  After all, he runs with some of our favorite producers from down under, including Zoolanda and J-Trick.  His take on bigroom electronica includes those glitchy synths that we all know and love with banging bass that acts, for me, as an instant double shot of espresso and can kick my mind into motion faster than the real thing.  His tunes are perfect for driving and pre-game type situations, as I would find it hard to believe that a gathering where Will Spark’s tunes could ever come out short of a shitshow!

Listen : A Bit Patchy (Will Sparks Mix) – Switch

Listen : Chemical Energy (Original Mix) – Will Sparks ft. Flea

Will Sparks on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Celt Islam

I’ve been super underwhelmed by most of the releases that have come out recently, and been in search of something new to spark my interest.  After numerous suggestions from friends who share a similar musical taste as me, a friend from across the pond pointed me to Celt Islam and his works.  A few tracks in, I knew there was very little material like this out right now, and the originality of the sound drew me in pretty quickly.  Blending electronic dubby sounds with ethnic muslim melodies (and samples) and heavy basslines, the mere fact that it doesn’t resemble anything I’ve heard before is enough to keep me hitting repeat and checking back for new tracks.  This could be JUST what we need to push the EDM world’s boundaries where they have never been pushed before.

Listen : Intifada – Celt Islam

Listen : Baraka – Celt Islam

Celt Islam on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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