*All photos courtesy of Simon Alexander*

The last time I had been to the Denver Celiseum was for one of Excision’s first Colorado appearances years ago, and I must say since that date music has changed.  When I saw Excision, there were maybe 1,000 people in total attendance, but this year’s SKYLAB was over 9,000 in attendance!  This year’s SKYLAB went off with a bang and didn’t stop until nearly four in the morning.  With acts like Borgore, Zedd, Gareth and of course Porter it was hard to not have a smile on your face when 9,000 other people did too.  The Denver Coliseum was decked out in SkyLab apparel, enormous floating globes hung from the ceiling, three stages filled the arena, glowing toys filled the massive crowds, and a sound larger than life came from the speakers!

We arrived at the already packed venue near the end of Zedd’s set, but you could already tell everyone was having the time of their life listening to Zedd’s tunes.  Zedd has just come off his recent release of the Spectrum EP, and he played out the EP along with so many of his hits.  Let me tell you now, Zedd is an unstoppable force and with OWSLA backing him, he can do no wrong.

Gareth Emery

This was the first time I was able to see Gareth Emery live.  I had heard things about his live performances and it’s hard to deny his lasting impression on the electronic community.  Well, by the end of Gareth’s set he had lived up to his reputation.  I’m honestly not a huge trance fan so I didn’t know a ton of the music he played out, but everyone in the venue was vibing to Gareth’s universal sound.

The dirtiest man in dubstep, Borgore is no stranger to the heaviest bass of all time.  We spliced in some Borgore inbetween seeing Gareth and it resulted in a perfect mix.  Borgore showed up and played out all the good stuff you expect from him.  “Nympho”, “Flex”, “Act Like A Ho” and his newest offering, “Smell Your D*ck” were all played out and the crowd was loving it the entire time.  Borgore is truely a unique and fitting person in the electronic community and his performances just say it all.  If you’ve yet to see Borgore, check him out…at the least just for the experience.

Andy C
In between checking out Porter Robinson we spliced in a little Andy C for good measure.  Andy C is the drum and bass king and he showed Denver exactly what that meant.  If you thought Drum and Bass was fizzling out, you are incredibly wrong, it was being pushed full force at SkyLab and the attendees were loving it.  Most notably from Andy C was his Major Lazer “Get Free” remix.  That tune goes off and so did the crowd!

It was pretty tough to catch Downlink when Porter was throwing down on the massive main stage, but I figured Downlink would be worth the check out.  Downlink has always been known to have some of the heaviest bass around and being compared to Excision and Datsik is just adding to the notoriety.  Downlink dropped as many heaters as possible to keep his crowd going.  My only complaint about this stage was the sound.  Compared to the main stage, this smaller stage had pretty mediocre sound because it was bouncing off the concrete walls, but if you got close enough to the front it was no biggie!

Porter Robinson
The star of the night, the 20 year old dance music prodigy, Porter Robinson, did not disappoint a single person in the venue.  Porter Robinson came out and destroyed the already packed area with bass, electro and some house tunes!  Porter kept the energy up by playing out dubstep tunes like Knife Party’s, “Bonfire” and more.  Porter kept it real and played out some of his own tunes like “Say My Name”, “Language” and “Spitfire” to a roaring crowd.  The most fascinating part of Porters performance is his production, every sound, bleep and bloop is perfected and made to sound crisp and clean!  Triad also did a great job with the visual productions.  The on-stage spaceship DJ booth was a perfect touch and the lighting rigs that surrounded the stage were massive in size and color!  Overall a A+ night!

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