Noah D recently released this remix EP for the song “Just Right” Ft. The Grouch. This EP features seven remixes, from producers: EMU, George Young the Infinite, Sonduo, Kelly Dean, Asahis, Blackleg, and Djunya. The EP incorporates sounds ranging from hip-hop based interpretations to more up beat dubstep remixes.  EMU approaches this song with a more dubby feel then the rest of the remixes, adding in a more old school dub sound. George the Infinite takes on the song with more of a hip-hop feel, adding in a bass heavy beat. Sonduo, who made my personal favorite off this EP, approaches this song in a different manner, pumping out a more creative remix in my opinion, straying farther from the original than the first two producers. Kelly Dean produced his remix with a more bass influenced dubstep approach, much like EMU. Asahis took on this song with a similar style to Sonduo, adding in creative new sounds to the song, with an intention to try to stray a little bit further from the original. Blackleg comes at this song with more of a space bass sound, adding in a more bouncy bass line. Last but most defiantly not least is Djunya, who comes at this song with another spacey kind of feel to it. Adding a nice bounce to his bass line as well, Djunya provides a Jungle Space feel to his remix.

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