Recently we have fallen into a groove of bringing you guys exclusive stuff on the reg so we figured why not keep with the trend and kick this Monday off by unearthing this little gem for you guys. Now we approached Proper Motion after stumbling across their first album (along with the remixed release) which is 10 stacked tracks of good ol’ Colorado bass music. The album ‘A Refined Prospective’ ¬†contains everything you need; from soulful downtempo bass driven vibes to that raunchy, gurgling bass that leaves you clambering for a balloon. Needless to say, we liked what we were hearing and reached out to see if they had any special little nuggets we could share with y’all and look what we came up with! Turns out they did, and we got this little Aesop Rock remix back from them (it just so happens to also be one of my favorite Aesop songs). This isn’t a new track from Aesop Rock by any means, it came out back on 2007’s ‘None Shall Pass’ but this twist that Proper Motion threw on it definitely gives this track some new life! Be sure to show these guys some love for the free track and keep a look out for these two, don’t be surprised if you see their names around more often.

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