There have been some changes afoot over here at The Dankles . We have been changing gears a little bit, well more like adding gears I guess you could say. We are beginning to work on bringing you guys more exclusive music than ever before  (I’m talkin’ that shit you can only find over here on The Dankles!!). If you’re not a frequent viewer you might not have noticed, but we have been working on getting you guys a whole slew of exclusive EPs , mixes, and even a few tracks (with even more coming down the pipes for you guys in the next few weeks). What we have here for you guys today is another new addition to The Dankles!  Recently we have been brainstorming ideas for a nice new monthly feature for everyone and it just so happens that The Interns were thinking along the same lines. Earlier this month we brought you these guys’ first EP ‘YOTO’ with a little Q & A from the duo that received a lot of attention from you guys on the web when it was dropped. Since then we got to talking…and we worked out this little feature for you guys. That being said, ‘Lunch Time’ was born and at the beginning of every month we’re gonna have a smokin’ hot batch of fresh tunes churned up by none other than The Interns to pleasure them eardrums and give you some to get rowdy to during your lunch break . Check out the first installment below and swoop that download to tide yourself over until next month.

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2. Hudson Mohawke – Furnace Loop
3. Apashe & Snails – Bubblegun
4. Bro Safari – That A$$
5. Big Booty – Willy Joy
6. The Interns – Shut Your Trap (VIP Edit)
7. YB – Lambo
8. BeTa Testing – Trapped In The System
9. The Interns – Paul (Unreleased Track)
10. Ezekiel – (Unreleased Track)
11. The Presets – Ghosts (Hermitude Trapped in Heaven Remix)
12. Alex Young – Outrage
13. Branchez – F Off
14. The Interns – Bands Theme Interlude

Y.O.T.O EP (in case you missed this)

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