Skinny Friedman is quite the unknown veteran in the moombahton scene. The Philadelphia-born producer/dj has been making beats and performing for over a decade, which obviously attributes some awesome talent to the man’s skills. However, what I find most interesting about this certain Moombahtonista is his ability to adapt his sound to blend with so many other genres. Having both a heavy Hip-Hop and EDM influence, a quick scroll through his Soundcloud would prove he would be able to entertain a number of crowds in multiple different settings. From heavy-hitting, laser-filled dancefloor jams to slow-rockin, head-bobbin grooves Skinny Friedman is one sick producer, and his newest EP Fat People On Drugs is him at his finest. I feel that any person can find a track they like on this EP, and to only feature one other artist (upcoming moombah producer Cabo Blanco) is quite an inspiring site in my views. With killer moombahton and “southern-trap” influences, I HIGHLY encourage you visit his Bandpage and purchase this $3 dollar EP! Go on, show him some love!

Listen : Fat People On Drugs EP – Skinny Friedman

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