When I first saw Gemini live at the SMOG vs. Basshead event the night before Ultra, I experienced multiple sensations of awe and confusion, which mixed with my already intoxicated brain, lead me to ask myself a few questions – how fuckin’ old is this kid? And HOW does he have every single guy and girl in the room wylin’ out to his music? Well, after his unforgettable set I did some investigating, and it seemingly took little research for me to learn how truly talented this young gun is. He has released an avid mix of dubstep and electro-house, beautifully organized and mix with orchestral and classical backgrounds, giving his music a very mesmorizing and trance-like feel. In his newest release, the UK-native decided to go for a classical approach to a modern day, electro-house song, that is, until the drop, quite energetic. But lemme provide a quick disclaimer – the melody after the drop can only be characterized by pure insanity and chaos… You will find yourself drivin’ to dance from beginning to end, as each bridge between hard-hitting synth-lines is almost like the calm before a storm; things may be gentle at first, but before you know it you’re stuck in a lightning filled thunderstorm of bass and lazers. Enjoy the free download, and look out for the full release of his new EP Mercury!

Download : Freedom – Gemini

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