Pretty Lights is an understatement. Chad Smith Photography

UPDATE: Derek turned to Facebook this evening and cleared things up: Somehow, this track, which is indeed off his long-awaited upcoming album was leaked and he has no intention of charging money for it. Here’s summarized version of Derek’s message to his fans…

A new track from my upcoming record has leaked out unintentionally. The song is called So Bright. I was not ready to put this track out but some how it’s now posted on multiple sites as well as for sale on multiple sites. I made it available for free download just now on the PL site because it has never been my intention to strictly sell any tracks off my new record. You can download it at no cost now.

Unbeknownst to many is a secret group that exists on Facebook where all 13 of the contributors behind The Dankles discuss a multitude of topics daily that revolve around the music world (though sometimes our banter is very off topic). When new music reaches our attention it usually finds its way into the page for one of us call dibs on posting if the finder is unable post, leading to viral jousting for who gets the privilege to deliver the audible gem to our fans. A short while ago a brand spanking new track from Pretty Lights entered the forum and thanks to everyone being occupied with such things like class and work, I am able to pass this along to you with no contest. The track itself is absolutely classic Pretty Lights with all the expected glitch-hoppy bells and whistles laced over it but comes with an unexpected first. No Free Download. We don’t know what could have sparked the change in the tried and true PLM release model we have all come to love, but who cares…..its freaking PRETTY LIGHTS! Enjoy mes Amis

Download: So Bright – Pretty Lights


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