I refrained from adding this to our ‘Twerkin Trap Tuesday’ post this morning, because I felt this deserved its own feature post. The UK producer Goldtop isn’t new to our site, but for those of you who aren’t familiar with his work, he’s not afraid to dabble in a plethora of dance genres. If you check out his repertoire, I’m sure you’ll realize that his talent reaches all across the board of EDM. Today we’re focusing on his latest trap release the “Trapzilla” EP. This short two song EP  is masterfully concocted to get any room moving. Something about a well produced 808 beat, dragged out lyrics, and a hyphy bass line makes me rock back and forth. I’m doing it involuntarily as I write this. Certainly worth the two clicks it takes to acquire this EP, check out Goldtop‘s newest release, and show him some love.

Goldtop on Facebook | Soundcloud

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