One of the veterans of the U.K. dubstep scene, Skream is a man whose talent and prowess, at least in my eyes, still exceeds his already wide and respected notoriety, which is unlike many others in today’s music world. Despite his initial appearance onto the bass-heavy movement about 10 years ago, this 26 year old musical prodigy continues to perform at the highest level of professionalism, and continues to amaze many in his long-lasting creativity. What we love so much about this guy is how he, despite releasing new music on a consistent basis, maintains the roots of the genre he first began producing under, and has yet to fall victim to the “mainstream” feel we find so many producers moving towards. This newest joint Junkyard Dispute has Skream written all over it – haunting shrills, minimally-grime bass lines, reverberated percussions… Mr. Jones is a man who has yet to fail in supplying the essentials of the U.K. bass scene to the modern day dubstep scene. So lose yourself in Skream’s newest underground jam and get grimey!

Listen : Junkyard Dispute – Skreamizm

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