Today we have something really special to share with you guys. This has been a long anticipated release over here at The Dankles and it has truly proven to have been worth the wait! A few months back I stumbled across The OriGinALz, a duo hailing from West coast on the rise to make a bigger name for themselves in bass music world. Originally I stumbled across their track ‘Another Day Another Dawn’ and became a fan of their sound, but when that ‘What a Job’ remix they put out floated near my ears I knew I had to get ahold of these guys. After exchanging some words we set this up for all you guys out there and since then it has been slowly brewin’ into this epic debut we have today! Before we serve you guys up with this little smorgasbord let us first tell you went into what you folks are about to scarf down. ‘Anthropomorphous’ is first brainchild of Troy and Derek’s to see the light and it truly wouldn’t have been possible without these two! This release has been done by them on a completely independent platform; meaning that they covered all the expenses, crafted each and every tune, and even mastered every track themselves. That being said, show The OriGinALz some love out there. We know you’ll like what’s in store!

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TD: Alright so lets fill everyone in here, will you tell us a little about yourself guys?
TO: Well first off we love music! It feeds every part of our souls. Both of us are influenced by it in our every day lives. Making music has provided a very healthy way of living and has helped us process all the things that happen in our lives.. The ups & downs, the good the bad, you know basically EVERYTHING…..! Aside from music we both like to skateboard, do yoga, go for hikes, puff down, kick it with the homies, you know sheeit like that..

TD: For those viewers unfamiliar with your tunes would you like to give them a quick little run down of where you’re trying to take your music?
TO: Above and beyond, we would love to get signed by a major label and to be able to support ourselves primarily from music. as far as every thing else within that goes… EDM is a growing industry one which is looking kinda dark as far as the vibration from the music goes. We are trying to bring a little light in that respect. Dancing is as old as the ages and it is a very positive & sacred thing. The movement of our body’s create an art that can be psycicly shared with each other as sacred union from human to human. We aspire to make music that connects people and also allows them to meet on an even ground to share it with one another!

TD: You guys both have side projects that stray a little from what you guys put out as ‘The OriGinALz’ would you be willing to shed a little light on those for some of us?
As far as our side projects go.. There is Mumble D. Squintz ( Michael D Rivera ) and SubAtomix ( Troy Prokopowich ). Which we really aren’t to focused on either of them right now.. We are really trying to push The OriGinALz out there! If you want to check us out separately you can find us on Soundcloud.

TD: How did you two wind up getting into the music scene in the first place?
Troy: Well for me I went to my first bassnectar show in 2008 I had been previosly hating pretty hard on electronic music as I am classically trained, I studied music theory from when I was 8 till I was about 14, and I can play a plethora of instruments. To make a long story short EDM was kind of a joke to me (to say the least)….. anyways I ate some psychedelics, had a psychedelic experience, and the rest was history.
Derek: In my early years I learned how to play the piano quite well, but as I grew older I fell away from it for quite some time. I’ve always been a huge fan of music in general though and growing up I listened to all ends of it. In the later 2000’s, I found myself always makin it back into the electronic scene. Even in the early days as a lil raver rat spinnin them sticks, haha! And back in 2009 moved out to the Beautiful North Bay of CA., and found out about all the dope Bass Music events that were around and got heavily into the scene of traveling to a mass amount of music festivals and clubs throughout the state and then some! And let me tell you, had quite the eye opening experience. Over all, I came to the realization that with how much time I put into traveling to show and searching out new music that I should instead be putting my time into MAKING MY OWN MUSIC! I truly felt an undescribable passion for the sounds I wanted to create, make, and play with! And from then on in 2010, it’s become an everyday habit of mine and i’m LOVING every minute of it!

TD: What about joining forces, how’d that come about?
Well we met at Burning Man in 2010 & we kicked it hella tuff in the desert. And after catching one of Troy’s sets.. We started talking about making music together later in the summer of 2011 and talked about it for like 5 or 6 months. We kicked it every week at our local bass music gathering, ‘Brainstorm’ in Sebastopol, CA., feelin the creative essence of what was to come.. Finally in December of 2011 we got together and sat down in the studio. Busted out or first track, “Bounce With Me” and the rest has been history in the making!

TD: What kind of musical influences pushed you in the direction that led to you making the kind of tunes you do today?
TO: There is such a wide variety of music that inspires us individually that the list is a little to big to really get into.. So lets just say the West Coast is the Best Coast haha!

TD: What would you say is your guys’ goal ultimately when pushing out these tunes and sharing them with the webs?
TO: To share our love of music and the way it has helped us in our personal journeys and to get our music as far and wide as possible!

TD: I know you guys are pretty fresh to the scene under this new moniker but can we look to see any big releases from ‘The OriGinALz’ in the near future?
TO: Yeah we got some things in the works… We are def lookin to take this sheeit to the next level!

TD: Do either of you have a preference between producing your own music and remixing a song made by another artist?
Making our own production is always a lil more satisfying but remixing other tracks is always a pleasure too.. From one side, it is really sweet having the freedom to create something from scratch. On the other hand, its really cool to have our own take on someone else’s art.

TD: Any artists in particular that you enjoy working with?
TO: We’ve sat in the studio with a couple homies.. Bleep Bloop & Shlump Criminal, but honestly we haven’t sat in the studio with many peeps yet. If you like our tunes and are interested, dont feel shy to hit us up. We’re always down for collabo’s!

TD: If you could choose one producer to collaborate on a track with who would it be?
TO: Skrillex duh! Haha nah, just playin! To be super real probably VibeSquad. Aaron is the man and he kills it hands down!


TD: This has become a pretty regular question of ours, what kind of equipment/software do you sit down with to produce in the studio? What about in a live show setting?
(Production) Ableton suite 8.2, Native Instruments, Arturia, Tone 2 & Ect….. (LIVE) Akai MPD 24 & MPK mini, Serato Scratch Live, Rane SL3

TD: Ever think about what you might be doing if you weren’t producing music?
TO: Smokin way to much weed, wasting time!

TD: When you aren’t making beats like madmen, what are a couple things you might be found doing in your spare time?
TO: Skateboarding, hiking, yoga, making bomb food, admiring the beauty in life, and in one another!

TD: I’m always a little curious, when you’re just kicking back and lounging who are a few producers you might toss on?
TO: Knight Riderz, Koan Sound, Opiuo, Old Skool Nectar, Vibesquad, Griz, HAMM FM, ESKMO, Tipper, eDit, Minnesota & always seem to catch ourselves listening to all of the Headtron catz as well.

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words for those people out there on the other side?
Art is Love and creation in its purest form, WE as humans have amazing ability to create art and share it with each other we hope that listening to our music inspires you to create and reaches to the deepest parts of your souls depth. We hope to see you all out on the dance floor!!!

– The OriGinALz

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